Thursday, March 11, 2010

New banner

The blog once again has a new look, I changed it before to the super colorful one but, although I love color, it was a bit too flashy for my tastes.  The new one also emphasizes the affirmation figures by having one in the banner in a natural surrounding.  I also love how every time I or anyone else visits the blog, they can see words like health, prosperity, abundance, and wealth which are the boldest and largest.  Also I love and approve of myself which I have recently learned makes a world of difference in the well being of your life. Words written on the actual figure in the picture include, belief, money, faith, and strength can you see where this is going yet? Its a positive life shift reflected in the art.  Positive affirmations are constantly on my mind, and thus constantly creating positive life experiences. 


Tammy and Rob said...

I like the new banner, it looks great! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your kindness!

thebutterflypeople said...

Thank you.
I hadn't been by in a while and wanted to see your new creations, cant wait until the new metal objects are revealed.