Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thought and the Lotus Flower

When I took writing about art at City College with professor Marjorie Munsterberg I learned a lot about symbolism.  One of my papers was on a Korean ceramic piece which had the lotus painted on.  This plant is a powerful symbol in the east and among its many meanings, the one I like most is the awakening to the spiritual reality of life.  When you come out on top, you are the lotus, just as it comes out of the mud and murky waters to blossom above it all, out of the water in the light, bathed in complete understanding. 
That is why I created three versions of this flower, each one was an experiment, but I love them all, thought will be displayed in a case with these flowers.


Tammy and Rob said...

I love the lotus flowers and the spiritual meaning behind them! In fact it takes me back to when I learned how to make roses for one of Rob's little pieces from your old website ;)

Affirmation Figures said...

Yes! that how to make roses is prob my biggest blog. My roses and lilies are much better than my lotus flowers, but they will improve with practice. I have been making miniature butterflies as well, perhaps I will blog about them.