Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Plant seeds of thought with the intent of cultivating good experiences

The thought seeds of today become the blossoms of our tomorrows.
What we choose to think here and now manifests for us in our future.
Our current situation is the result of our past thinking and the thoughts we think right here and now are bearing the experiences of our tomorrow.  You give out what you put in, you reap what you sow. These statements all mean the same thing, what we plant in the fertile soil of our subconscious mind grows for us in our future, which is why its so important to believe in yourself, approve of yourself and above all love yourself and all the endeavors you partake in.  This piece is a beauty, simple and offering the viewer a hand full of seeds, when planted, they will produce the beautiful flowers of your thought patterns.  Complaining kills seedlings, doubt and fear dry them out, nourish the seeds of your thoughts with confidence and trust in the process of life.  A good affirmation:  I choose to plant the seeds of positive life changes, all is well in my world and keeps getting better as life unfolds for me. 

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