Thursday, April 15, 2010

Celebration of LIFE

A celebration of life, an appreciation of life.  Life is amazing, life is wondrous and always unfolding in new and exciting ways.  I do not fear my inspiration, when inspiration comes to me, pure and unadulterated, I do not alter it for public consumption, instead, I follow the voice of myself and paint whatever pattern comes to me.  For I know that when I serve the indwelling artist, I connect with my soul and always meet success and a  masterpiece.  This is why this geometric pattern was coupled with line, It does not make sense in terms of my usual design, but this pattern is what came to me and what transpired, I thought about henna but followed the inner voice, and this work of art was born.

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Anonymous said...

I always like those drawings your draw on them. Really cool, you are talented