Sunday, April 18, 2010


The little ones are back!  I have begun making the tiny BP's again, co-gins, sprites, sparks, and the like are all back in business.  I know people will enjoy them because they are well made now and all have a story to tell.  The first girl above will stand as the symbol for Mexico.  The blonde out of the three in the middle is telling you to shoot for the stars... of which one she holds.  The curly headed chick is "Prosperity", and the little brown girl with the green stone is Health, Wealth, and the law of mutual exchange.  Prosperity is having perfect health FIRST, then wealth, and when you have these things, its important to follow the law of mutual exchange and to give out what you expect to get back in.  Sew and reap. 
The other figures are a mermaid, and Pati's new springtime girl.

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Anonymous said...

The mermaid was Beautiful.