Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From the streets to the next level!

I have been planning on opening up a little shop for sometime and now am happy to announce that I have found a space!  It is not a storefront, but a part of an indoor space which sells items but also rents out spaces to vendors to sell their own wares in what they call the bazaar.  My space is small and quaint but more than enough room to display my works of art.  I cannot wait to just go all out in creatively expressive ways and now everyone can see!  I plan on setting up shop in the next few days, and will have my opening this Saturday  April 10th.   Many new pieces are made and I will hopefully be putting pictures on the website of all pieces in the store. 

The space is located inside of Unique at 190 Main street in Paterson NJ on the main sales floor. 


Ronaldo said...

Yay! I am free that day so I will be there with some Champagne to celebrate the beginning of one your milestones!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, very nice.