Friday, May 18, 2012

Lets talk form

Its so funny that the ideas I have had to "make things" have been all related to one another, especially when I realize that five years ago at City College that I did the pushed in pot thing but only once and not really understanding or trying to make it work.  Now I feel I am making it work and it is a rather mainstay in my aesthetic.  This form is superior for use on my pots for several reasons.  This form is utterly feminine, there are allusions to the female anatomy obviously but also to the vuluptiousness of them.  They are also reminiscent of buds or seed pots, unopened flowrs and conical shells.  The forms provide a crater in which to create; a crucible out of which nature grows forth.  The cradle that holds my figures and their gardens, and space, an intimate interiror which inspires curiosity.  The pushed in pot will be a recurring element in the coming weeks and maybe even months/years, who knows, but for now they really work, they help dissolve the  disconnect between my sculptures and the wheel thrown pot, especially after being glazed, and the stout ones with short bases and wide hips are my favorite, the openings suggest feminine entrance and the figures images of the goddess. 

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