Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A little black slip in the mushroom bud

These titles are hilarious, a little black slip in the mushroom bud? lol
Anyhoot, check out these photos, remember clicking always enlarges them... or right clicking and opening in a new window (i think).  So here is the newest, sort of ground breaking for me because I think I love making mushrooms, they provide the phallic presense that these utterly feminine pots "need" and they are interesting natural forms which fit in with all the flowers and leaves, in fact the next one may be right mushrooms and left flowers, since right is masculine and left feminine.  The asymmetry of these semmetrical pots pleases me, also leaving the central figure plain on this pot really worls because it mirrors the outer framing of the pot which is unadorned, creating a sort of motif around the figure and in the pot.  The arms are still being used as the opening, linking pot and sculpture together and meshing the worlds.  As I said, I have explored the sclupted textured bars that I made in the last work and here have them as folds or layers which lead into an intimate space behind the figure where different things are going on.  The front of this vessell has a garden which spills forth with abundance of heavy forms which are just teeming with life.  The left side is full of birds while the right is devoid of them, instead having dargon flies.  Black slip was used in tiny amounts on my shell pot and I wanted to try dripping it, hopefully to get only a modest and subtle effect after glazing. 

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