Saturday, May 19, 2012


Pedros been playing the the molds again!
Its funny sometimes I get mold happy, I have sooo many and love them all.  I went a little haywire with the face molds and put a bunch of faces all over this work of art, but I do love it, I feel another masterpiece has been born, I think I prefer the forms to jut out of the pot than to sit in it... well i like them sitting in it but also going beyond the profile of the pot is what I mean... being three dimensional three dimensional things instead of two dimensiona three dimensional things... its late can you tell?
This figure, taking a note from the shell work of recent, has her arms above her, she is protector of the pot and a little girl is beneath her, totally safe in the universe, in the garden of life and abundance and fertility and sprouting life.

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