Friday, May 25, 2012

Same Idea, same artist, evolution of style

Here I found interesting and quite cool actually that the white low fire pot of three or four years back juxtaposed with the dark high fire pot of today are really the same idea, the same artist (obviously), but different concepts on design and how to join the sculpture and the pot to make the sculpted pot. 

Obvious differences in color aside, both pots are wheel thrown, lines visible on the surface, both pushed in to create a depression on which to sculpt, both have flora and fauna, natural elements hand sculpted on, and both have the iconic female figure central to the entire composition.  Similarities end here, the darker pot on the left is a evolved version of the white one.  A present day, joining of worlds, the sculpture becoming more pottery, and the pottery becoming more sculptural, how?  The partially abstracted female becomes the opening to the pot in the new work, this is important, the disconnect between the figure is lessened because of this, also the pot is warped much more and the entrance more intimate, more feminine.  The composition is also different, true, both are females in what might look like gardens, but the new pottery has a composed scene, it is symmetrically composed and asymmetrically executed.  The bands of one type of leaf/flower meet with a border of frilled clay encircling the more rotund figure.  The white pot of yesteryear simply has a figure sitting on it, she is not integrated into her environment, both pots are awesome, but the new one represents abundance and safety while the older vessel gives the impression of loneliness.  Change is good.

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