Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blanket of stars

A fairy was born today. Not fairy, I mean a butterfly person, that’s what I mean. A true butterfly person with real butterfly wings and a beautiful hand painted blanket with glitter stars on it, the piece is very attractive in the dark or dimly lit rooms because the stars in her cloth are move visible and the subtle gold in her wings catch the available light. I made her on a base to lift the piece off the ground, elevate it, I am trying to make a habit of this but old habits die hard and not all new pieces are on a base; it is stained to look like textured rock.

I happened upon a cool finding today which was a neat case which was broken, I repaired it and put the little gal in it, its cool cause the door can be opened and the view of the figure is a nice full-frontal view that the boxes do not give, she is easily visible and more like a little treasure actually.

The pumpkin represents Harvest/Abundance
The river of stars represents limitlessness/Unlimited self
We are made of stars.

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