Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Statuesque winged male - Accepting Change with a Calm Countenance

I began working on this piece after attending the SOFA art fair which was staggering and inspiring. The prices were staggering, the art was inspiring, it gives me hope to be able to work as a full time artist someday.

Anyway, when I got to a friends house I began working on this guy who has become a finished piece by being unfinished, the finger prints and all shall stay and he will not be painted, the simplicity is what enhances his overall design. He is around 3" tall, anatomically correct in case you were wondering; and his wings and everything are 100% polymer clay. With a peaceful face he holds a tiny butterfly, the great symbol of change. Who/What is changing? I am, I graduate from City College this May (like a month away) and am going to be attending the Art Students League to take a sculpture class, I am also going to be paying off all of my credit card debt and simplifying my life. Change is definitely in the air, or in his hands. I am going to try and somehow encase him in an oil lamp top which you can see in the pictures.

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