Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Butterfly Girl in a Jar

Click on any image above to see some details! I have included my hand for size context/scale.

This is the latest piece, the photos above show how she was at first supposed to reaching up, but I wanted her to cover herself up a bit. She has free flowing hair in wavy tresses and very large clear black eyes with pink lips and real butterfly wings. The base she sits on is also polymer clay and all were hand made and hand painted (as usual).

Her message is clear, there is text all over her so she is an affirmation figure. She reads a bunch of words and phrases some of which are: Freedom, Belief, creative, the power of thought, love, wealth, hope, soar, heal, grow, justice, play, travel as well as many others. She is a wealth of positive messages that I hope she brings into someone’s life who needs them. The harlequin pattern alludes to the jester which is a sidelined figure just as are my girls.

I have mixed feelings about the jar, the top being opaque allows only views from the side which is fine but may take some getting used to, that or I may have to make shorter figures next time.

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