Friday, April 24, 2009

Shape Shifting Fairy in a Bottle!

Shape-shifting Fairy!
All of my friends and family may laugh at me (insert: "Pedro has lost it!") but I have created the worlds first shape-shifting fairy and the worlds smallest butterfly person at the same time!
Shape shifting? Tiny?
What am I talking about right?
Well easier said than done, but I happened upon a cute little bottle with cork top and wanted to build a little butterfly person to go inside, so with great tedious detailed care I made one, it took forever, longer actually than a regular one. So I placed her in the bottle, and through the breaking of one pair of wings, was finally able to get her some yellow real butterfly wings to go on her back safely through the bottles little opening.
So, that’s when the despair set in, all those minutely sculpted details were RUINED visually because I had not noticed the bottle distorted what was inside of it, the glass is not even all around or thin enough to be clear so the image of what is inside is kinda distorted, a la goldfish bowls.
My sorrow turned to joy as I realized I had the worlds first shape-shifting fairy, I took photos to prove it. She is a mischievous little thing just like a fairy, since she cant get out, she plays tricks on the eye, bloating herself up and quickly slimming again. She changes facial expressions (pucker lips then a frown), she is amazing, you absolutely have to see this in person to really get what I’m saying. I must mention that she is only an inch or so, I took pics of the bottle in my hand for scale!
NONE OF THE IMAGES WERE ALTERED, this is as she is! But in life every point of view offers a new perspective. The image of her from the top of the bottle is the real size of the figure.
Enjoy the photos, she really is a wonderful little magical thing who changes with your mood.

It all starts here...
Tiny, Free, unfinished, unpainted, innocent

This top view shows her true form, she has fingers and everything, just click the pic to prove it.

This is her size compared to my hand, she is pretty darn small.

These are to be her real butterfly wings, pretty and simple.

Suddenly she changes shape!
She looks HUGE! Reminding me of my aunt Carol slightly because she is more "top heavy", her face even has broadened.
She looks like a goddess... or a drag queen.

Now with wings on, shes seemingly small...

Wait! Woah, where did all that hair come from? The right side (our right) was supposed to be the flatter hair??? And she looks like "take me to your leader" alien fairy.

Tricked again, shes a hopeful lady with outstretched hand and a calm face.

Hips are very wide now with tiny breasts/torso with an angry expression, is she trying to say something?
The wings have become abstracted as if a cubist painting.

Aww, so ordinary looking all of a sudden.

Not for long. Now her wings seem to be fluttering, is she gonna fly out? her legs are also longer and more proportional to her body... and WAY thicker arms.

I think she gained 25 years on her previous age with her sunken, angular face.

Sad face :( but cute with her egg-head and now LONG hair?
Quite wide shoulders there dear.
EEW, don't give me that face! Is she crying like a baby or giving me some obscene hand gesture? Maybe both.

Tiny head! more round breasts, a worried look in her brow.

This is the cutest one yet, she looks like a little girl. The wings look great, how did she get rid of the chest in the previous image and replace it with the body of a 14 year old?

Here are some views of the bottle and fairy together... with me holding it so you can see how small.

whomever ends up with this one is gonna have a ball with her.


Luis said...

Wow that is pretty damn awesome, Pete! And she looks like "take me to your leader" alien fairy. LMAO..

Tammy and Rob said...

What a fabulous job you did! Isn't it amazing how art turns out sometimes?!

Anonymous said...

I think the fairy looks like it is made out of stone but I also think it is shape shifting in there. -Peyton