Monday, April 13, 2009


a little update, my website is back up at and has been super simplified, I removed the about section which explained how the butterfly people came about, removed the links on how to become a NYC street artist, removed the links to other sites, the tutorials, the inspiration campaigns, the accomplishments section with Kenneth Cole and ceramics-related stuff. At the moment there are only three links, one to a gallery page showing some of my favorite pieces of the past few years, a street vending page to update people about how and where to find me, and also a link here to this blog, simple and easy it all is. The blog here was also updated, I now have a bar on the right that will help you navigate old posts if you need to, as well as adding some much needed color to the blog.

I have been unable to street vend due to things like cleaning, laundry, taxes, etc. Tomorrow is going to be cool and wet so I will simply continue creating until free time, and mother nature align and I can safely and comfortably vend my babies.

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