Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Custom Marie Laveau

Hello world.
Im getting a little better at working on my procrastination, I just finished a custom order that was supposed to be done on the first of this month, twenty-two days later she has arrived, I knew it was time, my hands were dying to make something and she came out very well.
She is a custom order for a customer from etsy.com, she wanted me to make the qyueen of voodoo magic Marie Laveau. She can be seen below, I was informed to make her wearing white with a head wrap, and that she often wore red sashes.

The hardest thing to make was that wrap on her head, I had to try and make it look like cloth with wrinkles and such.

On a side note, my Wednesday at Union Square has been cancelled for tomorrow because of the incident involving the Green Markets occupation of the South end of the park, pushing all street vendors out. I suppose I could set up on Thursdays but I’m actually going to start doing street fairs, more info on that later!


jarsofheaven said...

wow... beautiful work! amazing detailing... :)

thebutterflypeople said...

Thanks so much, I love her too!