Sunday, April 13, 2008


Here are pictures of all the new shizz Ive been working on, I mentioned some of them in the last blog.

To start things off, below is one of the tiniest butterfly people EVER
She was a pain in the butt to make, and probablly took more time than the much larger ones I made the same day.

As you can see, I was getting a little wacky with the colors this particular day, this girl has lilac skin and purple clothes.

I found myself with a great blend of colorful polymer clays to use as clothes, so I decided to make a colorful skirt girl, however, she has attitude, and is making a statement about Freedom, what it means to be free, are we really free? Also blood drips from her shirt, freedom... War, freedom... what is the connection? I hate to get political with my art, but are we really fighting for freedom in Iraq, how many lives must be lost?

Changing the mood here, we move on to my frivolous piece, I can always shrink back and compare my "meaningless" pieces to Rococo paintings which are picturesque and depict love and ignorance, but I digress, I really love to make blue n white haired pixies, don't ask me why.
Hopefully photobucket doesnt delete these, they have already taken down many of my pictures because they violate the terms... geeze people they are three inch polymer clay girls, not nude women! I have to use more often!

Here is another mermaiden, I cannot seem to stop making the very things I used to say I didnt do... time changes all I suppose.

My "fallen angel" was baked and painted gold, I dont particularly like it, so I may paint over the gold white, stay tuned for updates on her.

Okay, this very plain woman looked so incredibly Biblical (to me from my childhood illustrated Bible stories) that I was going to put a little cross around her neck until I realized she was wrapped up and could very well be a Muslim woman, and wanting to remain universal and not keep her in a box (no pun intended), I simply gave her some props to carry, no religious symbolism here.
She kind of looks like a beggar as well. From the mother of Jesus to a beggar, wow, shes up to any interpretation!

Last, but not least, is my favorite of the bunch, her little lips remind me of Betty Boop, but no copyright infringement has been done as she really reminds me of me (dont take this the wrong way people, I dont want to be a woman) with her big eyes, and hopeful stare upwards. This is something I do when im on the bus home and think about things like the meaning of life and where my mother went (if anywhere) when she passed away. Looking up to the sky makes me feel very small and sad sometimes, other times if makes me feel as if someone is watching over me and is comforting. Anyway, she is Hope, an allegory of one of my everyday experiences.

Last, but not least is a video of some butterfly people! Many of these are for sale in my etsy store at

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