Friday, April 11, 2008

LoAdS of New StUff

Lots of new things to talk to you about, Ive been really busy and have made a half dozen new pieces, one is a mermaiden with a statuesque face, another is a beautiful girl with a political message blazed across her chest (I don't want to go political with my art, but she definitely went there subtly). Also the angel from the previous blog has been turned into gold... still others include one of my smallest pieces who happens to have blue skin, also one las lilac skin and purple clothes! A red head girl with pale skin was made along with another with black hair which says "The Hopeful" on her shirt. I feel I am one of the hopeful.
I also made a video which I will upload to YouTube and post with pictures of the rest of the bunch. Its going to be a big blog, so stay tuned, I hope to have it completed in about twenty four hours.
-Pedro Ramirez

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