Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fairy Treasure Box

Boy oh boy am I excited!
Yes, I am about to make a butterfly people diorama which I have wanted to make for quite sometime now, but was not only intimidated by the amount of figures it would have to contain, but also afraid of other peoples reactions to it, now I don’t care!
Its going to be really, really crafty and inside of a display box measuring 9.6”x5”x6.75
I cant wait! Its gonna be groovy with moss, dried and synthetic flowers, ferns, stones, charms, jewels, hiding fairys, faes playing, lounging fairies and all! My gaia goddess will be the center attraction and lots of little sprites playing around, fighting, and just being fun. All color fairies! Brown, black, yellow, green! Everything! Its going to be so cool, and a big attraction to my table come time for Union Square.

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beachgrl said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see it all finished.