Monday, August 4, 2008

Butterfly Blessing is FINISHED (almost)

Hello everyone.
Remember the other blog about the Butterfly Blessing? Well, the piece has been being worked on for long enough, I had made the figure on a set of hands, but they were just too small to really make an impact, so I decided instead to draw inspiration from the butterfly life cycle to complete the work. What I did was take the pictures I had of Ryan and make an adult and child version from them and also a baby to symbolize the four life cycles a butterfly goes through. The egg (baby in my sculpture), the larvae (kid in the picture), chrysalis or preparation to become a butterfly (the adult figure in my sculpture), and finally the butterfly or last stage which in this case will be shown by putting a butterfly (hopefully that fritillary I spoke about in the last blog) in his outstretched hands to symbolize his ascension into the next life, and the symbolism that he has used to inform his loved ones that he is safe and sound. I wonder if the person who had me make it will love it or hate it! That is always the mystery when doing these custom orders, especially ones where so much freedom is given.
The figures are in white for obvious reasons, they are pure souls.

Now my mission is to get a butterfly to mount inside. I will also try and somehow include a monarch if I can, though it just might not work with one.

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