Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today was the fair, whoo I cant believe its over, really exhausting busy day! Finally a busy day in the "touristy" area! Tomorrow shall move to 6th ave btwn 47 & 48th and will be even worst im sure. I really live a charmed life sometimes I feel... its so freaking great right now I cant stand it! So anyway, today there was tragedy, a woman knocked a butterfly person (the one based on the Noguchi statue) over and said "oh sorry" i was so infuriated but kept my cool telling her it was "ok" what I wanted to do was tell her to get as far away from me as she could, but she just kept looking around and offered "ill pay for it" but I assured her it was okay, after that the sales kept ringing in :-p
I have a pic of the B-fly person post breaking (only the hair broke strangely enough with the loud BANG when it hit the ground) in the street posing for curious eyes.

Click it to see it in large size, the folks in the background just make this photo PRICELESS!

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