Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A sigh of relief for some of you, I just couldn't part with my site, it has been with me for five years now and so I took down the affirmationfigures site which really only focused on prosperity and positivity, but it lacked so much of the bright colorful life that my clay figures have. So....
In celebration of my realization that my stuff is awesome, I have dedicated myself to creating lots of artistic (in the sense that they will be artistic people, not that they are going to be forced into some ideal of what it means to be artistic) butterfly people, the next few will be painters, Gypsy's (traveling hippie-type), and potters, perhaps a couple of musicians as well.
It will be five years when January 2009 arrives that Ive been making The Butterfly People, I am celebrating making polymer clay figures by putting a TON of pictures in the gallery section of my website, which as you may know usually has between ten and fifteen of my favorite pieces, but now has over two hundred photos on it, some of union square and public fairies, others of street fairs, most of butterfly people in cases, out of cases, in progress..., and a couple of me.

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