Thursday, October 16, 2008

Internal Eyes - experimental first

So its like this, it seems all the “cool” people who make polymer clay dolls use these glass eyes or hand sculpt their own eyes and mold them into the head of their figure giving the creature a more realistic look since you know, our eyes really are set into our heads, but me having never done this decided to step out and try it, I figured it would come out horrendous but the creature is not all that bad. I do wish I had left the eye liner off and also the bottom lids, but this is a lesson and the next one will be better, though I don’t plan on adopting this as a method of making my butterfly people just yet, just branching out there ya know?

I began with circular eyes, no one is teaching me so I just came up with this as my own, the eyes were pretty big, and hand painted and then baked to be hard.

While waiting for them I made a figure quickly to experiment with.

Here I am putting the eyes on, its okay to laugh, comic relief if you will.
At this point I have pushed the eyes in, I thought about making the void first as we sometimes do when using ceramics, but didn’t cause I didn’t want any big gaps to fill in.

Here im making the eye lids, now shes looking better.

I decided to make the lids that hold our eyes in on the bottom as well

Now she is rocking the Mona Lisa look don’t you think?

Hair time!
Im sure other polymer clay artists wouldn't demean the dignity of their art by posting in-progress pics, but that's why you love my blog right?

I sort of ruined it by putting the black eye liner on, it just doesn’t work in this case and next time I will have to try something different. So there you have her, my first polymer clay figure with internal or sculpted eyes as opposed to painted on ones.

P.S. yes her wings are real in case you were wondering

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Mary said...

Wow you do amazing work.