Friday, October 17, 2008

Small painter

Remember what I said in the October 10th blog about making more artists out of polymer clay? Well I did the potter which you saw, now here is the painter (see, I keep my promises), she is actually my second, but I do love the little devil.
The pictures below illustrate how I took small squares of polymer clay and actually made my own miniature canvases and painted on them, so they are Pedro Ramirez miniature original! In face, EVERY SINGLE piece within this work of art was hand made by me from the little jars of paint, to the paintbrushes and easel which holds the paintings. For inspiration on what to put on the little paintings one friend suggested I paint my mother from memory, so that is what the female face represents, the other is a landscape, and another is lilies on the water. Some of the little jars of paint I made even have lids which are all made from the same material, polymer clay, just painted metallic. All the paint in this piece is glazed to forever appear wet and shiny!
Her hair was painstakingly made one coiled strand of clay at a time, but it was well worth it cause I love curly black hair. She’s fantastic, her shirt reads: “art” and she is art, who needs real butterfly wings when you are this cool?

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