Friday, October 31, 2008


My forms are at the moment based on the Greek and Mycenae amphora’s but the ones ive been making resemble the rythons on their base since they don’t really have a foot. This was pointed out to me by Sylvia Netzer who suggested I put some feet on these pots! Well… I have put feet on them, below you can see the brown clay with the feet on them, I have mixed feelings about my new feet, I think they are rather large and much alter the profile of the form. Instead of the eye sort of being led down to the earth, it has another change in direction and flares outward towards the ground, then again, it lifts the form off of the flat surface it is usually on and elevates it on a pedestal, casting a shadow beneath the form, lifting it up and above the table or whatever its resting on. So I like the foot, just not the ones I made. I will shrink the foot next time, make it less important to the piece as a whole.

Below are my pots, comparing the non-foot with the giant ass feet in the new versions.
I honestly like they without the feet, but may try for a smaller foot.

Below are some historic forms which I will try and emulate as far as feet are concerned.

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