Sunday, June 3, 2012

Composition - what turns you on?

I was thinking about composition and elements of design, and I realized that it is truly different for each and every individual, I wondered why the new work of art, with its simplicity pleased me so much, and also why I was so obsessed with Shell which is in my opinion the best work of art that I have created to date.  I compared them and realized they have the same form, which means that I finally now know what raw form to throw, a wide-mouthed bulging pot, its not how its pushed in, its the beginning form which determines if it will work for me or not; and by work I mean turn me on.  What turns the artist on is really what he/she strives towards, its somthing you may not be able to put into words, but its visually pleasing to the eye and when it comes together perfectly its not just art its a masterpiece (at least to the artist who made it).  That is why I chose shell for the greenwich house show.  Anyway, the new work that I will begin workign on will pull elements from shell and the simplistic composition and use a formula that If Im right will cumulate in a work of art that I fall in love with.  The work will be shaped as the two below, it will have to have a figure with the right curvature in her arms which open up to become the entrance of the vessel, the figure must have the round areas near the hips as negative space, totally empty to offset what will be a garden of life and abundance at her feet which also is mirrored above with similar forms.  The are immediately to the sides of the negative space around the female (which will be rounded to mirror the shape of the pot) will be textured material which shares a different feel to the hand sculpted tiny forms and offsets all of the seemingly random and overly busy composition.  What will be different in the new ones is that my favorite part of the last few pots whether I like them or not, will be incorporated as small scenes in the new work for there are parts of all of them I do like.

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