Thursday, June 7, 2012

Low Fire White Clay

I finally got around to creating with my lowfire white clay!
Love it, love it.  Especially love the transformation that occurs during firing when these will come out starch white (I actually prefer them gray like this... alas), BUT they will loose all of that amazing detailing so I will likely color them with washes and engobes to flow into the cracks and create a bold look... I really want to wash over with black on one, and actually make a colorful one as well (gasp!) so Stay tuned, lots of work will be put out over the next few weeks.

I REALLY really like this one for several reasons, its so good, I was excited when I finished working.  The shape is nice and stout and rotund, the figure is bare, and there is a smaller figure, whenever there is a smaller figure it represents SAFETY, she is safe under the watch, the nuturing guardianship of the central figure. Safe universe - in a safe universe you can relax, there is no need to worry.

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