Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Transformation Girl

Lets talk about the transformation girl, she is the woman heralding the latest pot that I made.  I enjoy this one because she is something different, I suppose we do not call them butterfly people for nothing, she seems to be in transformation.  I feel like the figure with her braided head is an allusion to the early pre-Venus "Venus" sculptures or fertility goddesses.  There are wings on either side of her head, ascension of the mind. The bird on her chest, wings outstretched is mutating or rather metamorphosing into something else, it seems half butterfly, half bird, what is it? Its transformative, changing, ascension, she is female, she is not earth mother like my others, she is younger, easily moving into the changing patterns of life.  This is how I feel about her.  Next blog shows her on the entire pot, which happens to have a good number of butterflies sculpted on. 

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