Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hands behind in front

Here is the new hands pot.
This work of art almost didn't exist because the shape of the thrown vessel was unappealing to me, but I was able to alter it by folding it twice (as opposed to once per usual) and creating the usual shape that I like.  The top entrance/opening was so beautifully done by itself that I left it unaltered.  This pot really is a very nice one and its funny Bill might think it interesting because I began this while he was here, going with the flow as they say, thinking how bad an idea it was not to have the composition figured out, but it worked.  Originally there was a tree in the center, this tree was turned on its end and made into this figures feet which abstract into roots.  The scene (sans central figure) is totally flora, there are no butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, birds (what!?!) or turtles, there are just lots of plants coming up and growing about, the figure looks off to the side gently and there are hands in the work, even though you might not see them at first glance.

This work is rather small at seven inches in height, here is my hand for scale.  

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