Thursday, June 14, 2012

Transformation Pot

Check out this latest pot, its a game changer, moving more and more into the direction that the work needs to go into.  As much as I praised the rotund, squat pot, this one is more slender and tall, but tall in the right places which made all the difference, its taller on top, not at the bottom, so its still bud shaped but with an elegant edge.
There is something about "glaze shell" the work in Jane Hartsook that I really enjoy, the very narrow opening... this is to be recreated in the next couple of pots, these round openings are very "pottery" but the thin one is way more intimate and feminine.
The smoother roughness of the "rocky" parts which are pottery wheel trimmings break up the extreme business of the sculpted "natural" elements.  The work is full of allusions to my childhood as well as some current life experiences.  I actually sketched a few photos of the animals I remember seeing as a kid and also threw the quetzal in representing my trip to Guatemala a few years ago. 
This photo is not really in focus but I wanted to show this little "scene" which is like a little outcropping of life, flowers bloom, buds sprout and birds interact with each other.
On the other side there are the virginian things, land turtles, tree frogs, insects.
The growth at the feet of the figure took a while to sculpt even though they are not super plentiful, as I make these now I step back every few minutes and take it in, assuring myself that I am not overdoing it, keeping areas of sculpted textures, trimmed bare "rock", and the lines of the thrown pot itself all visible from the front.  This work of art is a success!

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Bill Behnken said...

love the wonderful textures