Friday, June 8, 2007


Heres some of the latest stuff ive been making.

Ten little people only 1.5" tall!

Okay, the blue one is scary, I don't know if its an Indian God or what but its freaky. Ive changed the eyes and experimented on making anime-inspired eyes on some of them, it brings them to live when you compare them to the black beady eyes of the past… constant continuous evolution and progress, that's me!
All of these people are different, I love the little guy/girl (cant tell its gender, you decide) in the front on the right they are so cute. I also like the eyes on the one left of the blue, reminds me of my grandmother. The lady in the back right with dreads is cool because she has dreads, my first time using yarn from Guatemala. They are all fun, cant wait to get back out selling!