Thursday, October 21, 2010

The obsession continues...

I am having a ton of ideas lately, tomorrow I will get the little pots from Keith back and begin working on some of the forgiveness flowers (polymer clay bouquets).  But in the mean time I TRIED to design a shirt on cafepress.... it looks REALLY dark like scarily, but I hope the actual design will print lighter because the image I used was dark, but not that dark.  I used a edited picture sort of like the ones in the last two blogs.  I love you is what she says.  I am obsessed with love because it is a new and exciting concept for me.  Love is not a new concept, but the use of love is amazing.  Did you know that you can use love to heal illness?  Yes, just surround and engorge the area with love that needs healing.  So often is a part of our bodies is not working properly or creates something we deem "ugly" or "dysfunctional" we literally hate it, we want it gone, we curse it... why not saturate it with love, love will dissolve any negative situation or thing.  So I am loving myself completely from now on, because a whole and complete person comes from a body which is loved entirely. 

Im gonna wear this shirt and take some photos when it comes early next month, stay tuned, if it is not as I imagined, I will design a new one... on a lighter color :-p

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Wow, everything that I have heard about love is true.
Well, not everything, most certainly not that love hurts or love stinks, but the other side of the coin... its all true!
Love really does make the world go round, not money.  God is Love, love and God almost mean the same thing, sort of like the universal mind means God, energy is God and so energy is love as well.  Love is the most basic thing yet perhaps the one thing we cannot really explain in words. 
Love is the power that heals us.  Louise L. Hay once said, "no negative condition can exist in our lives when we truly love ourselves."  I have found this to be totally 100% correct and must sing it from the mountain tops so that everyone can hear me and my gratitude can be expressed. She also says that the more love we give, the more we have to give and that the supply is endless and makes us feel good.
As far as the figures go, they are affirmation figures right? So what better affirmation than I LOVE YOU, say it to yourself everyday.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Forgiveness Flowers

Forgiveness Flowers.  Flowers of forgiveness. 
I have decided to create my own miniature ceramic pottery to house my handmade polymer clay flower bouquets and it hit me... the flowers could all have little signs in them (perhaps perched on toothpicks) that read, "Forgive" or maybe "Forgiveness".  I think that would be a very very awesome thing to put out into the universe, I could tell the story about forgiveness and also let the people who purchase them know they can take the sign out if they have other purposes for the bouquets. 
Making the pottery myself makes the pieces TOTALLY handmade, and also even more original and interesting because of the variety of shapes that can be achieved now without having to purchase them.  They will probably not be glazed, but rather painted with regular paints... we shall see.
Anyway, forgiveness is such a huge part of positive living and (more importantly) of self healing and self love, that I just feel the need to have all my future floral items be forgiveness flowers.  So stay tuned, I will be making some bouquets soon!
forgiveness flowers

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ceramic world

I would like to welcome Pedro Ramirez back to the ceramic world.
I recently purchased a potters wheel and I LOVE it, I never worked on a wheel so quiet since its brand new, and its like a new toy, I want to play with it every day.
I also have found a local artist to fire my work so I may be participating in shows again in the very near future, I have so many ideas to bring into being, its a LOT of fun.
Here is a preview of one of the pieces in the new series of which I would love to have a show about.

It is still green, will later fire chalk white and be glazed so the little jay really pops.  Several of the new works have blue jays on them... explanation soon.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The blue textured work

The latest work of art is a woman inspired by the scleroderma piece on my website, I wanted a figure with that same presence and similar texture. This texture is not rough like the original, it is smooth, and eroded or peeling away. Blues and white colors blend together for a mottled, rustic appearance. Reminds me of when pigeons shit on a statue. After the jump, see her in progress from her humble beginnings.

click the pics to see some texture!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It came like a flood

All this time back home with nothing, nothing, and now suddenly the flood gates have been opened and a tidal wave of ideas and inspiration has engulfed me, I shall lay me down to sleep now, I will force myself, for the ideas and techniques which are bubbling up from God konws where are numerous and amazing. 
I finished the latest work of art today, a statuesque figure with a drape over her face, inspired by one of my very own.   I will blog about it tomorrow in detail with photos. 

I have much much to make, more new textures and surface treatment not like before, more like the ceramic pieces, the figure as a statue, conveying boldness in a theatrical way.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome Back

Okay, it has been a month since the last posting, I need to let go and come back into reality.
I loved Guatemala and fell in love with the gorgeous country, but must get on with life and goals.
That is not to say I cannot go back of daydream about her :)
But today I decided to clean up house, I have an entire show room chock full of sculptures, miniatures, statues, ceramics, polymer clay flowers, and butterflies, I would like to clean house and make room for the new and exciting future items, whatever they may be.
So tonight I am posting a lot of new items on the etsy store at super low prices, enjoy them for the new work will get its just value ;-)

Also, today I was inspired to make my love figure... not sexual love either, the self-worth kind.