Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Okay guys, 44th and broadway tonight, sundown to?? Perhaps to sunup, we shall see!

These are the new girls on the block, I know, I know, I said I wouldnt make them like that again, but comon' now, the public loves them and I need September rent! Check it out, one of them has a painted on face, it was an idea that I don't completely hate, its kinda like a folk doll in a way.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It is 5:27pm, I will be going to 44th and broadway today hopefully by 8:30pm, to street vend, likely into the wee hours of the morning. I will have some of the Co-gin with me, yes, they have made their return!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lovers 2009

You may remember the piece from last year which was titled the same thing, and also if you followed way back in the day there was one in 2007, and 2006 and 2005. It seems each year I make a piece entitled "The Lovers" which i s always a big hit with people because many can relate to it. This year I decided to make a video to go along with the figures to show how they came into being through pushing clay around. I love these guys, they are attractive and really engage with each other (unlike the pieces in the past with the passive female figure), the work of art also is a bit more risque due to them being nude as well as having sculpted nipples which some people find offensive (oh well). The figures' bodies mesh well and the contours of one blend with the other, their feet coming down the side symbolizes roots which take hold, strengthen and grow with time. The rustic brown has a very rough texture when seen in life, somewhat like fine sand. I can promise this will not the the one and only couples piece this year, love is strong and I would like to commemorate it in art. The figures are finished in an attractive wood-framed display case.

The video is here as well as on user: PedroRamirezArt

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I never did finish that bronze piece, shame, but the class was only for two months, and will not begin again until September so I shall wait. In the mean time I need to get sculpting the wax for some things that I may want to cast in the future.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Website updated
I recently updated my website with a couple of the youtube videos and also took out the section that I have worked so hard on "species/types". I felt that this part of the website turned my work from art into novelty, creating a fairy world of tales and breaking them down into categories which I dont want to fit them in. Only the smaller figures ever really fit anyway. So at the moment I am content with the site, it shows old work as well as (finally) new pieces and incorporates some of my youtube slideshows of which I hope to make more in the future.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New YouTube video

This video is just a slideshow of a bunch of pieces from past and present, I figured it would be easier to look through them if they were in a side show, enjoy!



Duality is a piece which represents the two sides we all have inside of us. A doctor Jeckel and mister Hyde if you will. The piece is a plain, serene statuesque figure on its right side, and on the left is is a mass of lines and free-flowing design with the words duality written all over. Her back in addition to duality reads love, and prosperity which are the even stronger forces of life.

Is it art to create art without meaning, I personally think yes. At the same time I also love to endow significance to my work, it always tends to be more appealing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leaving shortly

I will be going to 44th and broadway very soon, should be there in about an hour.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pen and Ink Faces + video slideshow

This lovely figure was transformed, I did not like the beige original design very much as the words did not seem to go well with the Asian-themed drawings on her, so like a canvas, I painted her over white and then proceeded to create a graphic design.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Forlorn Floral

The following hand painted polymer clay piece was made on the 3rd, and I sold it the next day, so she is gone, but a late blog is better than none, I want you to see this gorgeous piece and watch the youtube video of her I made showing her progress. She represents a real working artist who although she is in pain from painting so much "supports herself" with her other hand to keep on working. It commemorates all the working artists out there.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today I ended up at 44th and Broadway on the North East corner next to Kids R Us. It was awesome, a nice change of scenery and great lighting if I do say so myself!


Ok, im heading out now to 59th street, I should be somewhere near the Central Park South entrance if there is space... I know they set up those horses on the side, so if I cant find a spot, I may just schlep on over to 14th street.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Street Fair in Review (who knew a parade rained on could be so fun?)

The Street fair today was amazing! The most friendly faces ever, cool conversations, and steady sales! I was so busy, I only made one tiny figure in the eight hour day! The day began with rain, rain, rain while setting up which stopped only to usher in a huge downpour which kept sales from happening for two or three hours, but afterward, everyone acted as if the rain had never begun! I was a great FIRST street fair of 2009 (I know im late), and even better than some of the more "beautiful" weather days ive had in the past, I LOVED IT. This has me really geared up for Union Square and 59th street! Thanks for all who made it out!

I made a video of clips from the day, though it looks like all I did was play with my neighbor's instruments, I was able to sell the beauties pictured below.

The girl on the end here was actually painted GOLD and with painted gold butterfly wings, so she didnt look "The Simpsons" yellow or anything.



Sunday, August second on sixth avenue from 52nd to 53rd street is where you can find me, thunderstorms or not! This is what we live for and will brave the weather nonetheless... just hope the tent stays put!