Friday, November 30, 2012

Guatemala Visit 2012

Its been two years and three months since I visited Guatemala and yet here I am in the same and rather large room contemplating the journey home. This trip was different in so many ways its astounding, but to be art specific, I have been moved to include some new imagery in the ceramic vessels and have drawn and written about the vessels themselves and am excited to see them move into a new and different area.  I have decided to get a real website and have several sections, in the about the art section I will do something of a breakdown of the various parts, which I have done on paper, perhaps it will just be an upload of such images, but basically its a seed pod on a base, with various elements each with a significance for me, for instance the quetzal always represented my first trip to Guatemala, now I am going to change this, its going to be some pre columbian imagery now that I have learned more about the history of this Country and seen how it affects present day.  I have always romanticised this country because for me it was a rediscovery of my childhood and nature and it gave me pleasure to do so.  I will by no means stop doing this, if anything I will amplify it.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Blog of 8,000 words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so these should explain everything that is going on right now in art and in life:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Theriocephalous Figure on a collapsed pot

The latest is a wonderful terra cotta pused in or collapsed ceramic vessel which has a central figure per usual but this time its a therioanthrop.  The change from nude female (nature goddess) to a theriocephalous figure makes sense, it changes things immediately there will be no lost in translation undertones for the meanings of the centralized figure.  The animal head right away makes one think of mythology or ancient deities, this has always been the role of the central figure, a "play pretend" character, not an actual person, it represented nature and safety security, home.  This deer figure has replaced the nude figure, the deer figure can have breasts, chest, or neither, it can be androgynous or clearly male, its able to change shape at will, its like the very material its made out of flexible and able to take on any form.  So the Gods of abundance are here to bring in the next round of sculpted pottery from Pedro Ramirez.  More photos when you click below.