Monday, April 6, 2015

Here we go

Hello everyone, very exciting things are about to happen with the butterfly people!  Well, with arts, crafts, and cool stuff in general. 

First off, the etsy store is about to get a much needed make over.  New sections will include a brand new ceramic earring section where the most beautiful glazes will be used and coupled with silver to produce gorgeous jewelry fit for any occasion!

Second, the butterfly people are coming back with a vengeance!  Miniature folks along with real wings will return to enrich the lives of those who behold them!  The butterfly people have never left, they were simply hibernating.

Lastly I think the etsy shop beautifulclayflowers will be joined with minifigure (at least the items) so that I only have to manage one shop.  So expect some miniature bouquets and pottery as well. 

I am also giving more polymer clay classes this summer so stay tuned, I will be conducting a few in the fall as well, inquire at

 Above is a screen shot of the new etsy store, the banner is simplistic and I am considering changing my profile picture even though its been the same one since 2008! 

Below are some cell phone shots (forgive the quality) of the first generation of ceramic earrings!  They are a little rough but I think they will not only clean up nicely but I think they will turn out beautifully colored and shiny!  Check back in a day or so for another update!