Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ressurection of the Bulb Guardian

Bulb Guardian part II

This is the new Bulb Guardian, I made it while drawing on mental images of the original, but after doing a bit of research I found the name and image of the original, it was titled Bulb Guardian.
There were several aspects from four years ago that I wanted to maintain:
1. The hand built brick wall which joins the wheel thrown with the handbuilt.
2. The bulbous form (I had forgotten it was titled bulb guardian at the time but knew I wanted it round!)
3. The figure sitting on the edge of the pot (not in it like the current goddesses)
4. A pushed in pot but not collapsed (more of an indentation not a total profile shift)
5. The figures arms turn into vines/branches (she is a plant-daphne)
The new one changes sexual overtones from direct to indirect, or a maturation of suggestion.  The figure is more rotund and in alignment with the shape of the pot, she is "rooted" in this indention of the pot, anchoring herself in.  The figure is not nude anymore so is de-sexualized, (there aren't even breasts) the  flower buds and hanging fruits instead are suggestive and phallic so for me the newer one is much more "sexy".  Finally the new symbols of the mouse, ruins, and quetzal have been added as a "new perspective" when viewed from the back.
Here are some images of the original, I'm very happy thus far with the new version, I would also like a silvery/blue/black/yellow shiny coat when its all said and done.
The original:

Monday, March 25, 2013

Trinity Begins

I have been doing some sketches and writings about this trinity pot that I wanted to create, it was going to have a tree with roots on the actual side of the pot, the shape would be like an amphora, and the plant would have three stems, the mother, and the two children, representing my sister and I.  The pot is done, the figure at first glance scary, but like African masks she (she is actually wearing a Guatemala mask) is only designed to scare away potential danger.  The central figure is composed of a woman with no real form of her own, her face is a mask, the belly is a rose, her breasts are eggplants, arms vines... this sort of woman is based on a (somewhat Picassoesque) painting by Wilfredo Lam called "The Jungle" where its unclear whether the round objects are breasts or fruit.
Ive been inspired by that painting before

The trinity theme is repeated several times, in some lichenshrooms, three birds, three buds, three eggs, three figures, behind the central figure are three plants, there are even three eggplants, this particular trinity is a personal play on a common motif in religious art. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013