Friday, November 27, 2009


When I first met you, you asked me why I drew a sad face on you. Its because I knew you would bring about much sorrow.

Why are you so speechless?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dont be sad

The egg represents perfection.  The egg here is partially shattered - the painful reality of discovering that nothing is perfect. The figure is in the moment of discovery, partial shock, saturation of reality.

The figure, encased in the egg - naive, blissfully ignorant, finally sees reality when the egg is broken open.  Perhaps the shards which are in the inside of the standard chicken egg can be placed back together for a more understandable construction of reality.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Midnight Blues

I wanted adult female proportions for this miniature figure, yet I wanted the same detailing as in my larger figures, and I did it. I made her hand one finger at a time, instead of the mitten method of old times… the mitten method is where you make a mitten and draw three lines in it to look like fingers. I hand painted on a necklace and an Egyptian eagle tattoo - symbol of power. Her dress exposes her thigh on one side - freedom from restrictions.  Her eyes are closed - trusting intuition. The outstretched hand is symbolic in a lot of my figures, the open hand either receives or offers, alluding to the universal energy which flows through us, to give is just as important as to get and she is getting.  I put her next to one of the older figures and you can see how quickly they were made, they were in a way mass produced even though they were handmade, now each and every figure is going to be a work of art.  This new method takes a ridiculous amount of time to complete one figure, but its worth it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sketches for new piece

I'm working on a new piece, the beginning of what will become a multitude of works which deal with identity, primarily through the use of symbolism involving masks.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

TearPetal exists!

 Tearpetal is the latest and greatest work of art I have made. She is a figure solely made for me to paint a design that I have held in my head for sometime. The inspiration came out of nowhere (not from stained glass!), but I envisioned three tear-shaped objects on a figure, the three objects being repeated and outlined. What occurred was a design reminiscent of scales, teardrops, or flower petals. She is Tear Petal because the shapes are blue and yellow, the blue being the teardrops and the yellow petals. Kind of like blissful sorrow, Tear Petal is the new oxymoron!
I wanted to finish the piece after she is colored in with the three separated bunches like in the picture when I'm holding her, but I felt she looked a bit unfinished since these are small, there is a need for me to cover them almost completely. So I didn't continue the design because that was done for sure, I simply created some black lines and filled them in in spots and left them empty in others. Can you tell I am happy with this piece? I am! If I wasn't, there would be no blog :-D