Sunday, February 27, 2011


I just added NINE new listings to the beautiful clay flowers store on etsy.
I have been dreaming of new miniature figures though, very intricate stuff... beautiful jewelesque little ladies with paper wings.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


How do you feel about sleep?
Sleep is a very interesting thing, for a long time I have respected sleep and gotten plenty of it, but lately I have been sleeping a lot.  Some people in my life have expressed concern and apparently thought I was depressed and trying to sleep my life away, this couldnt be further from the truth, it was actually love that prompted me to sleep so much.  When my body tells me something, I tend to listen as I know the inner power knows best.  Sleeping when you are tired and not forcing yourself to stay awake is an act of loving yourself, that you are worth taking care of. 

I have often imagined that when we sleep we meet up with "others", either people we will meet later or/and other spirit guides, sometimes I awaken in my dreams and I am at a university sitting in a class with angels learning from ancient non-physical books... sometimes Im chatting with people, and sometimes I even actually dream the future.  Its really interesting, dreams are important, and so is sleep.  Its 5:17pm and I am about to go to bed, I will likely rest for ten and a half hours, and YES this is a lot, I do not do it everyday, but I feel a pull to rest and that I need to do it, to be realigned perhaps.

Rest well everyone.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


At 5.08cm (2im) tall, this little one has a big story.  Across the chest is scribbled "Gratitude" because we have so much to be thankful for.  I have been using positive affirmations for a while, and am in the process of positively creating during most times.  I realize that I am creating at all times with the thoughts I think and the words I speak, even with this blog which is why I am posting it, to solidify a abstract idea I have right now about what has occurred lately.  I feel I deserve, I finally feel I deserve, for once in my life, and from now on, I feel I deserve.  Deserving is integral because if we feel that we do not, we will either not let good into our life, or reject it when it comes whether it is on a conscious or unconscious level. 
Since my openness to deserving, and using affirmations of prosperity, and general good, miracles have been happening.  They began with "everything going my way" such as getting green lights all the time or always being on the opposing side whenever there is heavy traffic.  Its amazing.  Today there were so many distinct gifts of prosperity, just all day was amazing.  Last night I affirmed a good day, today I totally reaped it.  The workday flew by with energy, my diet was totally healthy and raw vegetable-fruit based, I relaxed when needed, and when I left work a voice mail was there from an old neighbor at Unique, he needed butterflies.  When I got home, There was a check in the mail from a client I had made a sculpture for but had forgotten about.  Also the mail carrier had left a notice for me to pick up a package I have been waiting for since November which I had feared lost in the mail, but kept hope alive and affirmed that it was on its way safely... shocking!  Instead of saying my old affirmation, "I don't believe it" or "its believable" I say, "I BELIEVE IT!" which keeps it happening over and over again, the universe is not out to prove us wrong, it is out to express our inner beliefs.  Anyway, I sold all the butterflies and when leaving was asked to sell my sculptures at a business setting (in someone elses store)... wow, I have wanted that for sometime now and know they will all sell... amazing!  I got home and more prosperity on the internet when checking my onilne banking, it just keeps rolling in, so I knew right away that after a day like this, the way to end it would be to create a tribute, for gratitude is necessary, it is a way of telling the universe that you acknowledge its gifts of prosperity, no matter how big or small, all of them, and that you are open and receptive for more.  When you have gratitude, the universe knows that you are ready for more, and more will come your way.  Believe me, I am living proof.

So I created this little one, a little whimsical one, representing gratitude, thanks, thankfulness. 
I want a little collection of these "affirmation figures" with all sorts of words on them:
gratitude, prosperity, abundance, trust, creative, changing, inspiration, thank you, money, love, success, safety, support, happy, wonderful, health, spirit, mind, body, amazing, wonder, great, energy, content, balance, universe. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

making some OOAK alstroemerias (Peruvian Lilies)

Yes, I know the Thai method doesn't call for gluing on flowers, but they smush easily so I just want them baked as fast as possible.

Mini pots are done!

Fellow ceramicist Keith Grabowsky has fired my work the last couple of times since I dont have a kiln.  Today I picked up the 40+ little clay pots and am excited to make a bouquet.  It is taking a while though to get the alstroemerias ready.  I am getting them down though and although hey are missing a petal at the moment, the next batch will be correct.   Anyway are they not super cute?  You can see them green in the past blogs.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Unpainted little lady

Look what I made in my car while waiting in the TJ's parking lot to go in. 
If I can get going in 30 minutes, I will make another one today!

She is on etsy

Reduced Shipping on BCF

I have reduced shipping charges on the etsy store beautifulclayflowers, now when you buy more than one item the shipping is greatly reduced, from 1 and 2 dollars to .25 and .50 cents depending on size, this makes it more fair and also encourages multiple purchases :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Its happening...

Eternal gratitude, the universe listens, I have gifts of prosperity, this is not just an affirmation, I came home and got some sales, woooooooooot!
I am open and receptive to more ;)
Thank you.

Out with the old

Here one min, gone the next, check them out on ebay, they are all up for grabs at a STEAL!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini's trimmed and cleaned up

The pots have been refined from sludgy little blops of clay into little vases and bowls with flat bottoms, some with interesting profiles.  Most are very small as I want to do some very small arrangements. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Made over 35 miniature clay pots

I just completed making over 35 miniature clay pots which will be used with my handmade miniature clay flowers in the near future.  They will be refined tomorrow and trimmed, I am planning on keeping them all white.  Whats cool is some of the very small ones that are shallow are going to have my tiniest displays yet.  

Etsy Advertising

Today marks the first time I ever paid for online advertising.  I paid etsy a nominal fee to be included at the top of their doll house/miniatures category, hopefully it brings about sales, as of now, the item advertised still has the average number of views as my other items.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Painted polymer clay

Shes done and incredible.  The painted polymer clay figure lady is complete.  I did not put the brown that I spoke about last time for she is complete as is.
The whole idea for her came when I was sitting in my room and I felt like making something so I grabbed the clay and started working, I did not use molds or any tools really which is PRIMARILY why she doesnt have feet or hands, but I thought it cool that she was like a Plant-Daphne.  A Plant-Daphneis a figure who is descended from a race of people inspired by the Greek myth about Daphne who was turned into a Laurel.  So I used to doodle and make half plant, half human people so I thought, "cool, this figure is like a physical representation of a two dimensional drawing."  That said, I also wanted to try something new, that is stream of consciousness painting.  When I paint it can get meticulous and careful, I thought it would be fun to abandon all semblance of design and careful creation and really try and turn what was once a writing experience into a visual one.  I am referring to the experience of free writing, I have done it in school and on my own, its just allowing the stream of consciousness come out through your fingers without thinking about what you are writing.  I have brought this to life with the paintbrush, I tried not to think to much about the design and how "nice" or "bad" it would appear and just went for it, I wanted to totally cover every part of her front which is the side that will be viewed most, her back just has a dove and a few lines on it.

One of the scenes central on her is of a man taking strides.  Taking strides in life boldly and confidently, this is the way, not to shuffle along or to be afraid to go forward, I took this concept from myself of a pen and ink drawing I did which I will post below.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So the birds are now painted

The polymer clay quetzal, and macaws and blue jays are now painted and ready to be crafted into their new homes, I am working tonight on them, but don't know whether I will be able to complete all three habitats.  This is so much fun, its like making the dioramas with aunt chris when I was a little kid, oh those were the days when a shoebox and some magazine clippings could make such beauty and wonder.  Its time to return to that with the birdies.  I do plan on putting the three macaws in one, the quetzal in another alone, and the two blue jays in again another box, each with its own distinct feel and surroundings.