Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lilith Revisited

Hi, recently I have decided to re-make Lilith. Lilith is a legendary figure of Jewish folklore, you can see when I did her before in polymer clay on my other Blog.
Below are some pics of the ceramic one that I am working on, she has been painted black and soon will be hollowed out (her torso is full of newspaper already), and hopefully fired and glazed.

Monday, April 27, 2009

White and blue ceramic vessel

This piece is somewhat autobiographic except the subject is a female. A female which is not nude which means she is not free, she is subdued/inhibited. To be frank, its about sadness which comes during Spring time since my mother passed away three years ago on Easter; tears come out, the ducks are nostalgia of her lost childhood. Perhaps next time I will make it as a boy. The form is rather tall, a hole has been broken where the figure sits, alluding to being broken/imperfect and trying to hide it. Rough surface=tough skin derived from experiencing life. Blue streaming down=tears. The first pic below shows the texture in detail.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Shape Shifting Fairy in a Bottle!

Shape-shifting Fairy!
All of my friends and family may laugh at me (insert: "Pedro has lost it!") but I have created the worlds first shape-shifting fairy and the worlds smallest butterfly person at the same time!
Shape shifting? Tiny?
What am I talking about right?
Well easier said than done, but I happened upon a cute little bottle with cork top and wanted to build a little butterfly person to go inside, so with great tedious detailed care I made one, it took forever, longer actually than a regular one. So I placed her in the bottle, and through the breaking of one pair of wings, was finally able to get her some yellow real butterfly wings to go on her back safely through the bottles little opening.
So, that’s when the despair set in, all those minutely sculpted details were RUINED visually because I had not noticed the bottle distorted what was inside of it, the glass is not even all around or thin enough to be clear so the image of what is inside is kinda distorted, a la goldfish bowls.
My sorrow turned to joy as I realized I had the worlds first shape-shifting fairy, I took photos to prove it. She is a mischievous little thing just like a fairy, since she cant get out, she plays tricks on the eye, bloating herself up and quickly slimming again. She changes facial expressions (pucker lips then a frown), she is amazing, you absolutely have to see this in person to really get what I’m saying. I must mention that she is only an inch or so, I took pics of the bottle in my hand for scale!
NONE OF THE IMAGES WERE ALTERED, this is as she is! But in life every point of view offers a new perspective. The image of her from the top of the bottle is the real size of the figure.
Enjoy the photos, she really is a wonderful little magical thing who changes with your mood.

It all starts here...
Tiny, Free, unfinished, unpainted, innocent

This top view shows her true form, she has fingers and everything, just click the pic to prove it.

This is her size compared to my hand, she is pretty darn small.

These are to be her real butterfly wings, pretty and simple.

Suddenly she changes shape!
She looks HUGE! Reminding me of my aunt Carol slightly because she is more "top heavy", her face even has broadened.
She looks like a goddess... or a drag queen.

Now with wings on, shes seemingly small...

Wait! Woah, where did all that hair come from? The right side (our right) was supposed to be the flatter hair??? And she looks like "take me to your leader" alien fairy.

Tricked again, shes a hopeful lady with outstretched hand and a calm face.

Hips are very wide now with tiny breasts/torso with an angry expression, is she trying to say something?
The wings have become abstracted as if a cubist painting.

Aww, so ordinary looking all of a sudden.

Not for long. Now her wings seem to be fluttering, is she gonna fly out? her legs are also longer and more proportional to her body... and WAY thicker arms.

I think she gained 25 years on her previous age with her sunken, angular face.

Sad face :( but cute with her egg-head and now LONG hair?
Quite wide shoulders there dear.
EEW, don't give me that face! Is she crying like a baby or giving me some obscene hand gesture? Maybe both.

Tiny head! more round breasts, a worried look in her brow.

This is the cutest one yet, she looks like a little girl. The wings look great, how did she get rid of the chest in the previous image and replace it with the body of a 14 year old?

Here are some views of the bottle and fairy together... with me holding it so you can see how small.

whomever ends up with this one is gonna have a ball with her.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Statuesque winged male - Accepting Change with a Calm Countenance

I began working on this piece after attending the SOFA art fair which was staggering and inspiring. The prices were staggering, the art was inspiring, it gives me hope to be able to work as a full time artist someday.

Anyway, when I got to a friends house I began working on this guy who has become a finished piece by being unfinished, the finger prints and all shall stay and he will not be painted, the simplicity is what enhances his overall design. He is around 3" tall, anatomically correct in case you were wondering; and his wings and everything are 100% polymer clay. With a peaceful face he holds a tiny butterfly, the great symbol of change. Who/What is changing? I am, I graduate from City College this May (like a month away) and am going to be attending the Art Students League to take a sculpture class, I am also going to be paying off all of my credit card debt and simplifying my life. Change is definitely in the air, or in his hands. I am going to try and somehow encase him in an oil lamp top which you can see in the pictures.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What am I going to do with this TITAN?????!?!?!?!

Butterfly Girl in a Jar

Click on any image above to see some details! I have included my hand for size context/scale.

This is the latest piece, the photos above show how she was at first supposed to reaching up, but I wanted her to cover herself up a bit. She has free flowing hair in wavy tresses and very large clear black eyes with pink lips and real butterfly wings. The base she sits on is also polymer clay and all were hand made and hand painted (as usual).

Her message is clear, there is text all over her so she is an affirmation figure. She reads a bunch of words and phrases some of which are: Freedom, Belief, creative, the power of thought, love, wealth, hope, soar, heal, grow, justice, play, travel as well as many others. She is a wealth of positive messages that I hope she brings into someone’s life who needs them. The harlequin pattern alludes to the jester which is a sidelined figure just as are my girls.

I have mixed feelings about the jar, the top being opaque allows only views from the side which is fine but may take some getting used to, that or I may have to make shorter figures next time.