Friday, May 30, 2008

Street Fair Tomorrow


Tomorrow I will be attending the Lexington Avenue Spring Festival on Lexington Ave between 45th and 46th street.
Very cool figures will be with me including the following:

My new favorite piece the jungle seductress

Let go!

Pregnant Mother Nature

Total Happiness

... Mai-Jinn

and many more!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Giving Back

Polymer clay for the kiddies!
Today was such a blast teaching the small children at the art and music school of 11th street in Manhattan about polymer clay! The children were a diverse group of five year olds who were very intelligent, curious, and diverse!
Its interesting that the woman who met me at a street fair and asked me to come and visit said that she wanted me to come because all the art teachers and visitors the children had were women and that she wanted them to see a male making art... interesting. I cant believe that I have become like one of the figures in my own personal life that showed me art, its mind blowing and reminds me that I'm getting older.
The session which lasted about an hour started with me teaching the kids about the working properties of polymer clay, I then proceeded to make them a man which they requested. Each child got a few grams of polymer clay and everyone made their own special creation. It was so much fun, makes me want to teach little kids for a living.

Teachers interested in booking my clay teaching services can contact me anytime :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Henna Woman (Mehndi)

So this idea pooped into my mind which was to create a butterfly person completely naked (I haven't made a standard nude in a while) and cover her in a henna design. So, I embarked on the journey which seemed very simple at the start but ended up being a whole lot of work to complete. After I sculpted the girl and painted her face, I began making the design on her body based on a dulhan mehndi hand henna design. She is nude and completely covered in henna on the front, I tried to be intricate with her hands and make the design as small as possible so that it looked authentic but after an hour or so of working on her, I began to try and speed up the process and made larger and larger designs. I used acrylic paints mixing black and brown to make that dark henna color before its removed and covered her in it. I really think she is unique and interesting. I have to start painting more figures instead of covering up all the sculpting with colored clay!
Pictures of her are below, she is one of my most amazing latest creations, definitely a replacement to afroregious which I sold a couple of weeks back.

The beginning, simple, beautiful

intermediate: I was already tired of painting at this point

End result: Definitely worth all the hard work I put into it!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Giving back to the community

Well, if any of you have been to my "inspire" section you may have read about my last "inspirations" campaign and its subsequent failure, well perhaps something like giving back to children would be more fool proof.
Yesterday a teacher that works at a children's school on 235 East 11th street wants me to come by on Thursday, May 29th to give the children a demonstration on how to work with polymer clay. It should be fun and educational and a way to share my art with another audience, kids.

Street Fair Review

The Lower Third Avenue Fair was not bad at all, I liked the people, and I was able to adopt out some of my butterfly girls. I had a big selection of smaller pieces this time enabling people to pick and choose which one they preferred. It was truly fun, but im already gearing up for next weekend which will be on Saturday may 31st, the SPRING FESTIVAL on Lexington Ave. I will be between 45th and 46th street if you want to find me.

My sculptures

Friday, May 23, 2008

Special prices tomorrow

Hi, tomorrow (05-24-08) I am going to be selling on third avenue between 7th and 8th street, I have a lot of new pieces; mostly large ones, but I did go out of my way to make several small cubes which will be $10 instead of $20, they will look like the girl below.

They are very simplistic which is how I was able to offer them inexpensive, and also pretty quickly made, I will be doing some demonstrations on how to make them tomorrow all day.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Custom Order Summary

The sky must be falling, for like the first time in history Ive caught up with all of my custom orders! I had four of them… one from December which was a blond girl, one from about a month ago which was Lilith, and two very recent ones, an old man, and a flamenco dancer.
All have been made and I feel great that they have been accomplished. I hope the recipients like them, if not you will see them at my street fair next weekend the 24th on 3rd avenue from 6th to 14th street.
Anyway, here is some eye candy of pieces that have come about due to other peoples vision through my hands. I particularly like Lilith, she stands and is gorgeous.

This is my oldest custom from December or November of last year
In my defense I had made it but when the lady sent me a picture of the person to be made I knew it had to be redone.

Lilith also slightly old was from a month ago for a customer in Israel...
She was to be made from the picture below

Her hair is very fragile and there were many technical issues that needed to be dealt with during her construction.

The next lady is a flamenco dancer, honestly I think this custom order might be cancelled because the girls arm kinda bent far behind her head during baking and I don't feel like making another one. She is a Spanish beauty.

This next custom is less than a week old and for DJ, he wanted me to make a piece that depicted a widows late husband and son, but I decided to leave the son out. He was to be old and repairing/modeling toy trains.

Now... time to make more stuff!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fannie Earls

If anyone deserves to get into heaven its you; I’ve never known anyone more devout, more steadfast in their beliefs.
When I think about you I think about a strong black woman, digging out the goose pond by yourself even though you had foster children to help you. I remember you painting all the furniture that lime green, covering all those cool little geese and flowers of the old pattern. I remember crying when Sherree got to go to school cause I was only four and had to stay home. I remember you calling my name when the sun went down to come back in and also to eat my three meals a day, life was filled with carefree playtime in my own science lab of a backyard which extended into forever, no neighbors on the front or back, only trees. In life, if there is one person I know truly loved me it was you, I will never forget you for as long as I live, you gave me the greatest gift of all, love, love and my artistic ability, for this I am forever thankful.

This is to commemorate you.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Painter

Let me tell you, this artist chick broke some boundaries for me personally, first of all, making objects out of polymer clay by hand like her paint brush, palette, and easel, now I will go forward with making my “tourist” butterfly person who will be sitting on top of a ceramic money bank with a camera around her neck, fanny pack, khaki shorts, subway map etc., thanks to this artist I have the confidence to make it.
I love her mood, she is serious, creating art involves focus, even if you are in the zone and are not necessarily trying to depict anything. This piece is dear to me.

You know one of the most fun parts of making the entire thing was the painting of the miniature paintings! Yes, I actually painted the tiny things with acrylic paints, one of them is a self portrait of her, one a landscape, and the last one is a water lily. Pretty cool eh?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weekend Review

HELLO! Well I am a very happy camper these days cause I did make my return to the streets this past weekend and it was just as good as I thought it would be. Kinda cool doing street fairs because of the fact that I have a canopy with me, makes me have my own little space, no one can stand behind me and also I stay out of the sun! Saturday on Park avenue was really beautiful, the sun came out, my neighbors were friendly and the people were inquisitive and polite, I sold a lot of my girls and was very impressed with the entire thing! Sunday was good but unfortunately very cold and windy so although I got the curious folk and sales, I was a bit of a grump so I apologize to anyone that I may have been short with... I was just so cold and my stomach was upset the entire day.
All in all, Im just too excited about the summer and what NYC has to bring, I even saw an old acquaintance on the Amsterdam Ave fair. My next event will be on the 24th at the 3rd ave Spring Fest, I don't think I will make it to Union Square on this Thursday the 15th.
Stay tuned, due to my being able to sell directly to the public again (in opposition to shipping my girls), soon they will return to their more interesting positions and expressions :-D

As you can see, I did have my little seperate table for my little "demonstrations" which really did draw peoples attention and thank God no one asked if I actually made them because they could see that I do with their own eyes. One guy actually came back an hour later like I told him to see how the piece I was making would come out.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Don’t rain on my parade!

This weekend folks, I make my return to the streets and how sweet it shall be! I love selling my art to the public, unlike some other artists, I don’t need a dealer, I love to talk all about my work, and don’t bullshit people. Im very excited, I just hope it doesn’t rain.

I will be on Park Avenue South between 21st and 22nd streets with a small table displaying my artwork, I will also have a small separate table where I will be making my work (if its not too cold).

The following day I will be on the upper west side on Amsterdam Avenue between 100th and 101st streets. Come out, see my newest creations, and say hello.

Friday, May 2, 2008

How to make ROSES out of polymer clay (step by step)

My last "How to" blog on April 20th called How to make a polymer clay flower was a big hit, so here is another one! This time I am going to show you how to EASILY make roses out of polymer clay, its amazingly easy and you wont believe how beautiful they come out once youve made one! All you need is ten petals (only ten!) and you can impress people with your polymer clay beauties in all colors.

Okay now, to begin you want to obtain a needle tool to cut with, and clay, thats it! Even less to start with than my last blog.

So to begin get some colored clay, pink, red, yellow are common, but you can always dazzle it up by mixing colors or using an off the wall color like gold and purple. Im going to use red. You dont need much clay, maybe a piece about the size of two rolling dice. Flatten the clay out, dont have a pasta machine? No problem, use a polymer clay rolling pin or other clean plastic or glass round object (like a drinking glass) to get the clay flat and thin, not paper thin, but close.

To make the rose we are going to divide the rose petals into three types, the first three inner ones, the secondary petals, and the tertiary or last finishing ones, I make these different shapes so keep note. The first three are lobe shaped, make three more or less the same size by cutting with the needle tool into the clay.

Remove the excess clay and smooth/round all the edges with your fingers (this is the most tedious part and you can actually skip it if you want rough edged petals).

Next, make a small ball of clay (it can be red like the rest, no problem), this is going to be the center of the rose and is necessary if you want to just make a bud and not complete the entire thing

Now wrap the first petal around itself at the top as pictured, cover this petal with the second one wrapped around the opening of the first one, but with the third, dont put it directly atop the second one covering its opening, insetead offset it, hard for me to explain what I mean, so just follow the picture.

Now we have made some progress and have this cute little young rose, I often stop at this stage and use them as is.

Next step is to move on the the secondary petals, there are only three of them, as you can see in the picture, I shape them differently than the first three, they are pointy at the top, and have more surface area. Cut three out.

The most important part of making nice roses is about to be revealed, so pay attention.
Rose petals are not strong, they curl at the edges when they are fully extended, so be sure to curl the rose petal over itself outwardly.

I like to attach the first of the two secondary petals adjacent to each other and then the third inbetween the first two.

Now we have something really pretty, again, you can stop at this stage if you wish, or continue to have a rose in full bloom.

The next and last steps are to make the last four petals, make them really big, about twice the width of the first three, and a little bigger than the last three, again, make four of them.

Really crinkle up the edges now, remember, these petals are about to fall off the rose and die, ruffle them up. Simply add these to what you already have created and Voila! youve just made a teeny tiny masterpiece, bake it in your oven and make an entire bouquet!

If you so feel you can make stems from wire covered with paper clay... what is paper clay? Its clay that is run through the pasta machine with toliet paper to make a strong material you can cut and wrap around wires to make green stems. You add these to the base of the rose, if you are really fancy add thorns and leaves.