Tuesday, August 26, 2008

About my site

About my site www.TheButterflyPeople.com
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Crumpled Paper

Here are pictures of my latest paper sculpture. Its obviously abstracted, but the question is, does the edited version look better as a crayon or sketch? It is made of recycled paper: the backing of the acrylic cases I use for other art.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

brown body painter

All the things I mentioned before about designing the figure like the wings, it came down to this lady. Though the finished product didnt get any wings on it at all.

Isamu Noguchi museum visit

Two days ago on the 17th I visited the museum of modern sculptor Isamu Noguchi. I was told that the experience would “change my life” which at the time I took as an overstatement, for how could visiting a museum impact someone so deeply? Well I must say that two days later I continue to keep my mind busy with ideas about texture and form and also extreme curiosity for this man who lived, and died. I watched the 45 minute video of his life in the museum and also found interesting facts about his parents lives on the internet and couldn’t help but become very intrigued. This artist is finally someone that I can relate to. I have studied art history at the University undergraduate level, yet the trials he endured in his personal life and also in the art world where there is constant criticism has led me to a grand appreciation and respect for the man who was Isamu Noguchi.
Below are some photos of a few of the pieces that I saw at his museum I am going to try and somehow incorporate or emulate some of his artistic expression into some miniature sculptures I will make to commemorate my newfound appreciation of his works.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Union Square Park - Monday, August 18, 2008

Its that time again, see me today at Union Square Park with a couple of lovely new creations, including a piece inspired by Noguchi.
I will not be there until around 5pm-ish.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Return to your roots

What’s going on with the butterfly people? Well, tomorrow I plan on visiting PS1 Contemporary art center, and The Noguchi Museum as well. Other peoples art, whether contemporary or not, is always good for inspiration.

On the other front, I’m also reverting back to the past when I first began the butterfly people. In the beginning there were the heavens and the earth, and the earth was without form and void… I mean, in the beginning (of the butterfly people) I used to relate some of the designs on the wings to the actual figure and color them similarly, I haven’t done this in YEARS, I thought it rudimentary and arbitrary, but it is not simply a way of decorating the figure, it ties the butterfly to the sculpture, it celebrates natures design by emulating it. What better art form than one which is inspired by natures designs? I feel lucky to be able to have access to such intricate design and colors of the butterfly wing, and have in the past tried to have my figures colored similarly, well that time has come again! Fans of my older stuff take note, my next couple of figures will be painted to directly relate to the designs on their wings which will be REAL butterfly wings again because I have to get out of this gold phase, its taking over.

Below are some photos some which are nearing the five year mark already! Keep in mind those butterfly wings are completely unaltered and the design on the figures is related to the design on the wings. The cool part about returning to this idea is that now I have a more streamlined way of making the figures and have skills I did not possess at the time that these two girls were made which will make for an irresistibly beautiful patterned creation.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Solid GOLD Guitar

If you’ve been reading the blogs here, you will know I made a golden guitarist (playing the cello) not too long ago and actually loved her so much I contemplated keeping her (which is against the rules), well, I’m glad I let her go because she sold at Union Square on Wednesday to an amazing architect, and so yesterday I worked all day to create a new one. I painted her this morning and BEHOLD, beauty. What’s funny is I thought the first one would be my last musician because I didn’t even think I could make a guitar, the other figures instrument was a Christmas ornament but never doubt yourself because by God, one exists which I personally feel looks even better than the one I didn’t make, you can see how I made it below. So with an actual guitar in hand, this stoic beauty plays her chords peacefully in the nude.
Also, its worth mentioning this piece is nearly seven inches tall, much taller than the last one and much taller than any butterfly person I’ve made actually.

Check out the Guitar progression