Friday, October 31, 2008

A collection of pottery

This pic may be small but click on it to enlarge and see some of my gorgeous pottery, FIVE of which are glazed and DONE! Blogs on them as individual piece to follow...


My forms are at the moment based on the Greek and Mycenae amphora’s but the ones ive been making resemble the rythons on their base since they don’t really have a foot. This was pointed out to me by Sylvia Netzer who suggested I put some feet on these pots! Well… I have put feet on them, below you can see the brown clay with the feet on them, I have mixed feelings about my new feet, I think they are rather large and much alter the profile of the form. Instead of the eye sort of being led down to the earth, it has another change in direction and flares outward towards the ground, then again, it lifts the form off of the flat surface it is usually on and elevates it on a pedestal, casting a shadow beneath the form, lifting it up and above the table or whatever its resting on. So I like the foot, just not the ones I made. I will shrink the foot next time, make it less important to the piece as a whole.

Below are my pots, comparing the non-foot with the giant ass feet in the new versions.
I honestly like they without the feet, but may try for a smaller foot.

Below are some historic forms which I will try and emulate as far as feet are concerned.

Mini plates, bowls, cups

This week I went tiny, throwing off the hump some small forms which was a three, three piece set of a cup, bowl, and plate which was actually a assignment in my ceramics class which I take evenings at City College. So since the professor did not specify size in the handing out of the assignment, I decided that I should do them small as to get them out of the way so I can continue my pottery vessel-making ventures.

Check out the pics of me throwing a mini bowl.

After the forms were thrown, I threw a small plate and stuck the items onto it, they have become a sculpture of sorts, and could almost be called a tile even. I put white slip on it, but it ended up being black, white, and blue, pictures of the finished product to come.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Below is are pictures of my egg-shaped wheel thrown pottery while it was being hand painted with a single line drawing. The line re-connects to itself making a labyrinth of design on the surface. I later totally washed over the piece with more clay to partially obscure the drawing, it doesn't look too good in the last picture, but trust me, the end result will be nice. Stay tuned, I FINALLY have some pieces coming out of the glaze fire to show you.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Belly Dancer #3

I have completed this whole belly dancer project that I have been working on for the last three days. Below is belly dancer number 3, she is sexy! Watch her transform into a lovely lady with her golden beads and earrings with reddish hair.

Belly dancer #2

Hi guys! Here are some pictures of the second belly dancer that I made, there were to be three if you remember, well, this is number two. She is a bit heavier than the last one and simpler as well.

This was the original intended pose which later changed.

Here she is being dressed up with a beaded necklace, jewel in the center of her chest, and metal covers for her breasts. Her skirt was made with blended green polymer clays.

Earrings are added here

More beads are added to her skirt because apparently I think more is more. Hair is thick and plentiful!

I did hold back more than I did on the other girl though and didnt overrun the piece with jewelry and stuff, this is the finished product holding crystals.

Pictured below with belly dancer #1 AKA gypsy lady

Custom order tattoo daughter

Hello, I took a break from making belly dancers for a second to work on my custom order. June had me make her daughter out of polymer clay and dictated what she wanted. June had seen my henna doll (pictured below) with positive affirmations on its arms and wanted me to make her daughter like that but with colorful tattoo’s. I obliged and even attempted at making the doll resemble the woman a bit. It was a fun challenge to get the features similar and to have the hair look right, but the end result was well worth it. She reads: Peace, Love, Life, Hope, Passion, Pain, and Prosperity. I hand painted on each tattoo actually drawing inspiration and mimicking the ones found on my model. She is pretty darn cool, I think I will get her a green and black and gold butterfly for her back.

below, the henna girl who instigated this project

below, the custom order with a photo of the actual clients daughter

Me, painting the figure

More photos of the lady I was to create along with pics of her tattoos for me to draw inspiration

Below is the finished product and some close up's of her cool tattoo's, be sure to click the images to see them big.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Street fair cancellation

I think since its supposed to rain today Saturday the 25th… and be windy that I will cancel the street fair and just hope for clear skies on Sunday the 26th, I will go to Union Square Park on Sunday and have my works with me including my new belly dancers and a couple of surprises. Be there @ the Square!

Belly Dancer #1

Hi everybody. So the whole belly dancing project that I spoke about in the last blog is quite well underway, yes I ADMIT I was wrong, Mica actually helped quite a bit (at least through talking and googleing images), and I have actually completed my first belly dancer; she is pretty cool but in my humble opinion looks like a gypsy girl. It may be because of all of the mixed media jewelry and stuff that is placed on her. Nonetheless, she is beautiful, it reminds me of my older work when I used to make the crafty, mixed media stuff so I really do love her. As you can tell from the pictures below, she began as a simple clay doll and then after placing the hair on her head, I took broken pieces of jewelry, shells, and metal, and pieced them onto the figure in ways which work with the form and theme of the piece. The video which accompanies the blog was recorded when half way done with her, here see the finished product!