Thursday, September 1, 2011

another clay girl is born

Another real clay girl has made her appearance.
I really like her, I am able to translate many things onto ceramic clay that I did in polymer, BUT sometimes working with the material can be frustrating. Even with a spray bottle, my hands, the table, the tools, the air... everything wicks moisture away from the clay as I'm working, requiring very fast shaping time, and less time for perfecting the form. I need to work in a steam room or something, because simply spraying water on, dissolves the actual work and causes the arms to break off and its hard to get them to stay back on... or water pools in places like the toes or in joints, and in time it just melts away... so id rather it dry out. Wetting the hands a little seems to help, but then the piece sticks to it, haha, its a lot of fun all in all. So with this one I was able to extrude hair for her in the machine just like with the polymer clay which was cool.

I have placed six objects on this female figure. Three "objects" and three birds, each symbolizing the holy trinity. The holy spirit is extremely important and thus the holy trinity. The sprouting bud (which remains to be seen whether it will stand up to drying out and firing) is a reference to her belly which she holds, the figure is with child.

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Pretty cool dude