Friday, September 16, 2011

Bodacious Daphne!

CLICK! Blow up that pic! ^

OMG, I have to calm myself down to write this blog because I am so utterly in love with this sculpture that I cannot type.

I am not exaggerating, she is amazing, she was cool when being sculpted, I was afraid she would loose her earthiness when she was chalk white, and she did, but she regained it in full with the slip & glazing techniques implied on her. WOW. WOW. WOW.

Seriously I love this figure, everything about it is perfectly what I wanted to convey. Her body is slammin'! Shes got the huge hips, twice as wide as her shoulders, and her abdomen bulges, her chest is just right, there is some gravity to it, but it doesn't overpower the entire composition. She is literally a plant-daphne, she is as much human as she is tree, her limbs are angular and natural at the same time, rock-like, statuesque, all the while maintaining her feminine appeal as earth-mother. Three birds on her knee... the trinity; and her feet are still recognizable as feet, but are very rooty and actually flat with her base which is very aesthetically appealing.

Dont get me started about her color! I have always loved celedon glazes and when I had the chance to work with Bobby Silverman at the 92nd street Y, I got to see first hand how beautiful high fire celedon glazes can be on porcelain works of art. When I was in City College, I would to dozens of glaze tests with clear glaze and increments of powdered iron oxide, trying to get that perfect brown... well lets just say this figure in her washed out glory is a great shade of shining brown, not only that, but it has pooled in the crevices which were already present (not to mention the lines in the leaves), accentuating each and every fold, curve, and crack! HAHAHA, you gotta see it in person... enjoy the photos, they speak more than I ever could of her beauty.

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