Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pedro Ramirez - King of Kitsch

Tiny ladies holding miniature clay flowers, oh my!

Haha, they don't call me the King of Kitsch for nothing!
You really didn't think that the figures of the past five days would really go on forever did you? hahaha. THEY'RE BAAAAACK!

The little figures which I have created since the street vending days have found a way to express themselves in the ceramic medium. Kitsch, maybe, schlocky? Perhaps. I still say I'm a folk artist working in a naïve style with naïve subject matter; oops I meant lighthearted. Haha, I embrace all the labels, "low art" is the new thing! I love em! Little ladies with clay flowers, the perfect fusion of the differing art materials which are oil-based (really plastic-based), clay, and the original clay: the water based ceramic material clay. Here we have the ceramic figure, painted, then adorned with cold porcelain and polymer clay flowers, success! It actually solves many problems that I had before which were, I wanted loose figures, but they were too brittle, and also that I want detiled flowers but boy is that difficult in ceramic since the clay keeps drying out before you can finish! Best of both worlds here baby, schlocky or not!

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