Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Second Bisque firing at home - who is going in?

Its that time again!
Time to BISQUE! haha, #bisque for twitter yall' lmao
Anyhoot, Ive got all the recent girls together and have decided against color glazes this time around due to the crap work of the last firing. I do have some mid-high fire glazes but I will have to switch clay bodies first to my stoneware (which I got when I purchased my pyrometric cones) and then I will definitely be using my amazing metallic glazes to amaze you with!
But until then, these girls will be underglazed and then clear glazed, its the most fool-proof method of creating works of art in the cone 04-06 range... the only mishap that can happen is the underglaze gets darker/more vibrant after being glazed, but you can often "check" this by rinsing the bisqued work first, often how the color changes when wet will be how it looks after being glazed fired with clear.

So here are the bone dry girls:

I Love these new figures, they are so wonderfully bulky and natural-looking, even with their caryatid faces (yes, they are liberated caryatid countenances).

Note the difference in figures above, one is smooth, round, flowing, the other, almost looks carved and angular, simplified.

STILL room for more, I think I will wait until I have ten figures next time and see just how many of the ten I can fit in.

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These are all magnificent!