Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Big LeBisquey is done, as well as the second glaze

So in they went gray and out they came white!

Looking like those plaster things you find in craft stores, all ready to paint up!

So I rediscovered my flame from College, underglaze! I really really enjoyed working with the underglaze pencil of which I used to make the tree of life on the figure below.

Wet underglazes, engobes, slips created this water-coloresque figure here.

All have been clear glazed, The "fairy" girl and the little "chirp" one, I simply clear glazed as I did not want to alter the color at all. All of the figures were clear glazed in a very thin layer which will not give a thick coat of glass look, it will simply be shiny and stronger, as well as impervious to water.

The two extra figures you see are from the last firing, they are obviously not glazed clear, I used blue and black glaze to get a better surface than the first firing gave me, so they are undergoing their second glaze.

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