Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tree of Life

Oh man, the tree of life girl came out very nice, I really do just love her to death, too bad I dropped her on the kitchen floor and broke her arm off :( oh well! I glued it back and that just means I will not sell her without the patron knowing shes been repaired.

The underglaze pencil is so amazingly wonderful, it really does look like a pencil when you use it and the result is even darker than my black wet underglaze. I do see that making henna girls will not become easier as a brush MUST be used, but for a rustic figure like this, the pencil does wonders and the lines are so pleasing to me, I love the spread of the roots throughout her lower body.

The glaze was applied very thin, and unlike colored glazes, thin clear works very well for me in sealing and finishing the work as I do not want to loose the details of the work of art.

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