Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today is the best day ever!

So the kiln arrived yesterday while I was hanging out so I got home tired and ready for bed, but wait, no! The kiln is here, as well as several glazes and underglaze pencils. I was ecstatic. I had already read the manual in its entirety online so I knew exactly how to run it, I got it fired up and went to bed. WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY??!?!?! Haha, well I got up every two hours to check on the kiln and also to turn it up because I have a manual kiln, not a digital one, which is good for experience. Using my pyrometric cones to let me know where I am temperature wise.
So anyway, after turning off the kiln and going to bed, I woke up this morning to a great surprise, my works of art were perfectly fired and just perfect! They underwent their amazing transformations and were now ceramic works of art, which ping when you pluck them :-p.
wasting no time, I glazed them immediately. I wanted to see what the colors of my glazes actually look like so I used my works sort of as test tiles, to see how much the glazes run if any, and to see what the physical color looks like on glass, not just in a printed photo. They have been glazed fired today, and the kiln is now cooling off. It will be some hours before they are cool enough to handle, but I am excited even though they were not painted "artistically".
I also want to buy MORE glazes but have forced myself to wait at least a week from Thursday because I am getting ahead of myself, besides, I have lots of raw moist clay and really need to turn out some figures so I can do more glaze tests before I actually go getting more glazes. Why not test on a tile? Because Its better to see how they work in the crevices and intricacies of an actual figure, plus tiles are boooooooooooooring!!
I will blog later when they come out so you can see the entire process with photos.

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