Friday, September 23, 2011

Ode to Fannie Earls

Who is Fannie Earls? Fanny May Butler Cloisse Earls?
Haha, thats grams and this one is for her!
It may not "look" like gramma, but to me it embodies everything that was this woman to me.
Strong, Brown, Religious, Close to Nature/Nurturing, and extremely FERTILE!
The figure is a plant-Daphne, a combination of plant-people parts, she has roots instead of legs, and branches instead of arms. She is very very very pregnant, totally bulbous and her breasts are full.

Though it may be a romanticization of the years in Suffolk with ducks, geese, chickens, and peep peep, Grams was close to nature, she dug out that goose pond every year and also had that little strawberry patch under her bathroom window, not to mention saving the Inpatients every year by covering with mulch and plastic garbage bags.

The religious nature of the woman is indicated by a nest with three white eggs in it. This is a symbol of the holy trinity which represents the father, the son, and the holy spirit all of whom Grams strongly believed in. (When I allude to the trinity in my other works, it is for other reasons, namely the existence of the holy spirit which I choose to focus on.)

Grams was definitely fertile, I really dont know how many times she got pregnant and gave birth, but I do know that six boys, and six girls made it to adulthood (except mabe bubba), that's twelve kids! Now you tell me about fertility!

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